7525 Clyo Road, Dayton, OH 

7525 Clyo Road, Dayton, OH 

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Selling a lifetime of possessions can be an emotional task.

Our mission is to relieve the burden for you and your family in a sensitive and caring manner. Our goal is to create an experience that is as stress-free and as successful as possible. 

We understand you are entrusting your life’s memories and possessions to us. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

A stress-free approach to estate sales.

From partial to full estates, it is our mission at Options Estate Sales to go above and beyond for both our clients and our customers. Experience has shown us that it’s the little things that make the difference. From start to finish, we take the time to maximize all aspects of your sale.

preparing for estate liquidation

Estate Liquidation

We give families peace of mind by minimizing the stress of an estate sale while maximizing returns.

estate sale services for downsizing in ohio


Running out of space or moving into a smaller home? Our trained team members can help you with every step.

estate sale services for downsizing and packing boxes


With our network of contractors, we can help guide you through every step of these life transitions.

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options llc awarded South Metro Regional Chamber 2023 business of the year award

About Options Estate Sales

Options Estate Sales, located in Centerville, Ohio, is more than your average estate sale services company. Over the years, our team has handled every size of estate – from 1000 to 15,000 square feet – customizing every sale to our client’s individual needs. We are committed to maintaining the highest integrity when conducting your sale, which makes us the best choice in estate sale services.

We also partner with reputable independent contractors, such as home repair and moving services, to provide you with ‘options’ for a one-stop experience. Options Estate Sales is a veteran and female-owned business.

Options LLC has been recognized by the South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce as the 2023 Business of the Year.

Simple Pricing

Options Estate Sales operates on a tiered commission rate. That means that a percentage of the final proceeds is paid to us at the close of the sale.  We will never ask for any upfront monies or a deposit to conduct your sale. 
Remember you pay nothing.  The commission rate covers everything needed to run a successful sale. Specialty items, such as cars or high value appraised items have an adjusted commission rate (typically between 10% and 20%).

How it Works

Steps of an Estate Sale with Options LLC

Every sale starts with a complimentary initial on-site consultation to identify your specific sale needs. During your consultation, we will go over aspects of an Estate Sale and answer any questions you might have. There is no rush to decision. We encourage you to take some time to evaluate your options and talk to family and friends. Estate Sales revolve on a large level of trust, and we understand that making a decision of this size is not an easy task.

Establish a Schedule

After we have finalized and signed the contract, we will set up the sale dates as well as days and times for the team to start preparing for the sale. We will look for the most optimum times that won’t interfere with your schedule and will still meet the best opportunity for success.


We bring our team in to clean, organize, arrange, and display all items to be included in the sale. We will utilize any available shelving, tables, and display areas along with any additional tables, shelving systems and display cases when necessary to properly showcase your items to maximize sales.


We will assess, evaluate, and research all items to be sold, and using current market values, determine the ideal pricing for your items. If there are pieces within your estate that are outside our areas of expertise, we will engage an outside appraiser (at our own expense) to ensure maximum proceeds for your sale. We welcome client input/knowledge with regard to these specific items.


It’s as simple as “A…B…C… Advertising Brings Customers”. We will arrange for the level of advertising appropriate for your specific sale. We use a variety of communications vehicles including social media, email, local, regional and/or national estate sale websites and even print via local newspapers when necessary. In addition, we promote your sale on our own website, Facebook page and direct to our mailing list of subscribers. Lastly, if permitted by local ordinances, we will put directional signage in the area – helping to guide customers to the sale.

Conduct the Sale

We are committed to conducting your sale in the most efficient and professional manner with the goal being selling every item for the highest possible amount. Throughout the course of a sale, we may negotiate prices or accept bids in effort to achieve this objective. You may place a minimum acceptable reserve price for a small handful of special items.

After the Sale

Our goal is to liquidate as many of your estate items as possible through proper pricing, staging, and advertising. Yet, there are typically some items left at the end of each sale. All remaining items are your property, but we can tell you about several local options such as a donation to a charity or clean-out services. We are happy to provide you with this value-added service to make the entire estate sales process easier for you, your family, and your schedule.

Additionally, we partner with local independent contractors to expand services to our customers. This provides options for a one-stop experience. These services include, but are not limited to, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, home repair, and moving services. Options LLC can also recommend a local real estate agent if you are planning to sell or buy a home after your estate sale.

Your estate sale should not be a hassle.

It is our mission to help you through the process of downsizing or liquidating an estate. We handle every detail so that your experience will be as stress-free and successful as possible.

Also, we partner with local independent contractors to provide options for a one-stop experience. These services make the entire process easier for you, your family, and your schedule.

It is our genuine hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones.  We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Russ & Lezlie Burks

woman writing down prices for estate sale


Kimberly Lawson
Kimberly Lawson
November 3, 2022
Lezlie, Russ, & their entire team were wonderful to work with! They were very patient & accommodating throughout the entire process, worked with us through every step of the process, and immediately addressed any concerns. They truly felt like family while they were here & we were sad to see them go when the sale was over. Would 100% recommend them and their company!
Dana McCollum
Dana McCollum
September 9, 2022
We'll set up. Good buys!♥️
Jackie Lask
Jackie Lask
September 9, 2022
My “go to” service for ALL estate sales. I started going to estate sales a few years ago looking for fun things to display in my home. Options is by far the most organized and helpful sales team in the greater Dayton/Cincinnati area. Pricing is on point and they give you great advice and ideas on your purchase if you choose to ask. All around “THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!” Check it out…you will NOT be disappointed!!!
Jerry Merkel
Jerry Merkel
August 31, 2022
Options Estate Sales is one of the top tier estate sale providers in our area. They are professional and the staff is very friendly and easy to work with.
Greg Barbour
Greg Barbour
August 28, 2022
Very friendly, fair pricing, treat everyone very well. Great people! Recommend highly.
Luann Stull
Luann Stull
August 27, 2022
I’m never disappointed when I go to one of Leslie’s estate sales. She is fair, friendly and professional. I am impressed with how well she represents the sellers best interests, while still working with buyers to find a fair deal. I always look for Options estate sales!
Marisa Varney
Marisa Varney
August 25, 2022
Went to one of their sales today. Lots of people were grumbling about their high prices!!!
Jodi Rosko
Jodi Rosko
August 11, 2022
We hired Lezlie and her team to help with my Mom's Estate - they did a fabulous job with LOTS of stuff - they were professional from beginning to end and we couldn't be happier with their service! Highly recommend!
Robin Zartman
Robin Zartman
August 11, 2022
Options has the best estate sales! The staff are all warm, welcoming, and professional. Items are displayed nicely. I never miss an Options sale!
Christine Hogue
Christine Hogue
August 11, 2022
Excellent estate sale. Like the Wednesday night preview. The first company I look for in the estate sale listings.



We ask a minimum of two weeks from start to finish. However, every estate is unique and requires special consideration for scheduling purposes, depending on the size of the estate. This and more will be discussed during your initial, no-charge consultation.

We operate strictly on a commission only basis. Our fees will be deducted at the conclusion of your sale. We will never ask for any upfront monies or a deposit to conduct your sale.

Just call and set an appointment for your initial consultation. If you decide to work with the Options Estate Sales team, the next step will be to select a date for your sale. Remove/segregate any items ‘Not for Sale’ and provide access for the sales team – then sit back and relax. We do the rest!

Our goal is to liquidate as many of your estate items as possible – through proper pricing, staging, and advertising. However, there are typically some items left at the end of each sale. Ultimately, all remaining items are your property, but we can advise you about several options including donation to a charity and clean out services. We are happy to provide you with this value-added service to make the entire estate sales process easier for you, your family and your schedule.

Within 2 weeks after the conclusion of your sale. This will include a summary of the sale for your records plus any additional documentation such as copies of log sheets and charity receipts.

Although you are welcome to attend your sale, we strongly discourage it. It can be too emotional for family members. Additionally, customers tend to pursue pricing deals with family, which causes conflicts with estate sale strategies. Plan a fun activity for the day instead!

We take appropriate measures to have ample staff onsite during your sale to guard against theft or damage. We have uniformed staff who are easy to identify not only to help customers but also “thwart off bad apples.” If requested (or required) we may also hire off-duty police officers or independent security professionals for your sale.

*  Video surveillance is also used in areas where high-end/valuable items are displayed.

* If requested/required, off-duty police/independent security is at the client’s expense.

Give us a call in Centerville, Ohio to schedule a no cost consultation.